Zacuto Sony FX9 Recoil W/ Dual Trigger Grips

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Key Features
  • Optimally Balanced Shoulder Rig for FX9
  • VCT Pro Baseplate with Shoulder Pad
  • Dual Rosette Trigger Grips
  • Axis Mini EVF Mount for Sony FX9
  • LANC Extension Cable

The Sony FX9 Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips from Zacuto is a shoulder rig designed specifically for the Sony PWX-FX9 camera. It is comprised of the Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate, Dual Trigger Grips, Axis Mini EVF mount for the Sony FX9, and a LANC extension cable. This rig balances directly over your shoulder, putting the camera body behind your shoulder and relocating focus, monitoring, and camera controls forward to create a lighter, shorter, and properly balanced rig.

Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate

With built-in ergonomic shoulder pad, 10" sliding track, extra space for accessories in front, VCT14-compatible V-wedge, red buttons and levers all around, and much more, this is the stylish VCT Pro Baseplate from Zacuto. Use it with all types of cameras, from DSLRs to larger models, like the Alexa.

A section of the baseplate extends out beyond the 15mm LWS rod adapter in front. With the rod adapter thus set back, you have additional space to mount accessories under the camera lens, allowing you to position the camera further back on the plate, keeping the balance point of your rig directly over your shoulder. (The rod adapter is vertically adjustable 1", and has to be in a raised position to allow for accessories to be mounted in the additional space. Also, a 1.8" riser for the rod adapter is optionally available for RED cameras by special order from Zacuto.) Also, on the bottom of the section that protrudes out is where the V-wedge is. There is also a 15mm LWS rod adapter on the rear.

The VCT Pro Baseplate features a 10" sliding track, providing the space to optimally adjust balance after every lens change. Moreover, the included red camera plate can be loosened by a spring-loaded lever instead of a screw, so you can make adjustments quickly and easily. To fully release and remove the plate (and camera), just press a red button on the side of the baseplate and slide the plate out. The rod ports also have spring-loaded levers.

An ARRI M6 rosette is available on the front for attaching accessories and grips, and there are also three 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the side providing additional mounting options. 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod mount holes are available on the bottom to use instead of the V-wedge. The shoulder pad runs pretty much along the entire length as well as width of the baseplate, and is made of gel polymer. Two 6.5" 15mm rods are included. One 1/4"-20 and one 3/8"-16 screw are supplied for the camera plate. The VCT Pro Baseplate is made in the USA.

Key Features

  • Front rod adapter is set far back, providing more space for accessories, and allowing the camera to be positioned further back for better balance
  • 10" sliding track (with spring-loaded lever) for balance adjustment after lens changes
  • VCT14-compatible V-wedge
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod mount holes
  • Ergonomic gel polymer shoulder pad
  • 15mm LWS rod adapter on the rear
  • Front rod adapter is vertically adjustable 1"; optional 1.8" riser available from Zacuto for RED cameras
  • ARRI M6 rosette
  • Three 1/4"-20 threaded holes for accessories
  • Includes two 6.5" 15mm rods
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 screws supplied
  • Made in the USA

Zacuto Sony FX9 Dual Trigger Grips

The Sony FX9 Dual Trigger Grips from Zacuto make up the 15mm LWS rod-mount handgrip extension set featuring one wooden handgrip and one grip relocator for the Sony PXW-FX9 camera grip. Each joint can be individually rotated a full 360° with the press of a lever; there is no need to screw or unscrew any knob or lever.

The length of the extensions can be adjusted and each can be flipped up completely when you want to rest your camera rig on the ground. Scale markings on top enable you to easily align both handles or return to your chosen positions.


  • 15mm LWS rod mount handgrip set
  • Includes a wooden handgrip and a grip relocator for the Sony FX9 camera grip
  • 360° rotation at the press of a lever—no screwing/unscrewing
  • Adjustable length handles
  • Scale markings for easily matching the positions of the handgrips

Zacuto LANC Extension Cable (13.8")

This 13.8" LANC Extension Cable from Zacuto features a right-angle male 2.5mm mini jack and a 2.5mm female plug. This heavy-duty, 24 AWG cable is UL approved and ideal for use with select Zacuto grip relocators.

Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate Specs

Support Type Shoulder Support
Grip Type None
Camera Compatibility Universal

Rod Standard 15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
Included Rods 2 x 6.5" / 16.5 cm 15 mm Rod
Accessory Mounting Side: 3 x 1/4"-20 Thread
Camera Mounting Quick Release Plate with 1/4"-20 Screw, 3/8"-16 Screw
Tripod Mounting 1/4"-20 Thread, 3/8"-16 Thread, VCT-14
Rod Ports 2 x 15 mm Rod Port
Rosettes Side: 1 x ARRI Rosette w/ M6 Thread

Dimensions 14.25 x 4.25 x 2" / 36.2 x 10.8 x 5 cm (with Rods)
Weight 2.1 lb / 0.96 kg

Zacuto Sony FX9 Dual Trigger Grips Specs

Grip Type Dual Handgrips
Rotation Yes
Built-In Controls Remote Trigger

Attachment Method Attaches via Rod Ports
Rod Standard 15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing
Rod Ports 2 x 15 mm Rod Port
Accessory Mounting None
Shoe Mounting None
Rosettes Yes
Rail Mounting None

Construction Aluminum, Wood

Zacuto LANC Extension Cable (13.8") Specs

Connectors 2.5 mm (male), 2.5 mm (female)
Cable Length 13.8" / 35 cm

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